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Things To Do

Looking for something to do while we are off having kodak moment after kodak moment?


There are a few options avaiable.


If you are staying the night, you could check in to your accommodation and freshen up.


You could check out the Hydro Majestic Pavillion. The Hydro Majestic Pavilion, is the place to discover the history of The Hydro Majestic and to share all that is remarkable about the Blue Mountains. You could also grab a quick snack or a coffee to keep you going until the reception.


If you are after something more substantial (we are planning on feeding you a 3 course meal though), the Boiler House Cafe might be for you. Featuring magnificent views overlooking the Megalong Valley, the Boiler House Café, with dining on two levels, is open seven days a week. The Boiler House Café offers an all-day dining menu featuring traditional pizza, pasta and Australian cuisine showcasing regional produce from the Blue Mountains.


Fancy a spot of tea? The Salon du The and Cat’s Alley offers a unique ambience with a casual setting showcasing the magnificent views overlooking the Megalong Valley whilst providing the opportunity to rediscover the understated decadence of the Empire with a refined Asian-inspired snack menu and a range of teas, regional & imported wines and other beverages.

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